The Challenge

Running Code was tasked by silkrouteproperty, an emerging markets real estate investment start-up, to create a simple site that would communicate quickly and effectively with visitors worldwide. Specifically, silkrouteproperty wanted a distinctive site that would promote its new brand, reflect the company values and most importantly informs visitors what the company does.


Running Code designed a simple and elegant site that includes images to highlight the services provided by silkrouteproperty, with the colors keeping aligned with the corporate branding rules. Because of the site’s limited textual content, Running Code made use of a larger header which helped provide for a strong visual look and feel for the site.

Client benefits

The new website has raised silkrouteproperty’s company profile, and has allowed them to reach new customers worldwide that would not be possible with more traditional marketing campaigns.

Silkrouteproperty is also able to provide detailed information about their products and services, and encourage visitors to contact them for more complex enquiries.