The Challenge

Pechersk School International (PSI) was seeking to upgrade their website. Specifically they wanted the new site to have a contemporary, professional look and feel. The old PSI website was too dated and became difficult to navigate due to the ad-hoc way in which it was originally designed and how information was added.

The goal of the website was two-fold – to show information about the school and the community to existing and prospective students and parents while also become a powerful recruiting tool for prospective staff.


The website was redesigned with a professional look and feel that reflects the school's inspiring educational environment and offerings. The web design is complemented with a broad range of features such as streaming video, Flash, online calendars, and a photo gallery.

To allow easy and frequent site updates, Running Code also installed their in-house Content Management System (CMS). The CMS allows non-technical users to update the site on-demand. For example, they can add or edit images in the Photo Gallery page, upload class websites, and create an online version of Calendar Events.

Running Code installed Google Analytics so school administrators learn how many visits their website receives, as well as the origin of the visitor and how long they were on each page.

Client benefits

•   The site can now keep up with all the school and faculty activities.
•   Increased interest and active contribution from staff and students.