The Challenge

Mimoza Mobile Spa is a full service mobile spa that offers in-home and in-office spa treatments and makeovers. Mimoza commissioned Running Code to redesign their existing site in order to better:

•   Illustrate the company’s unique services & illustrate how it works.
•   Promote their Western, professional, corporate image.
•   Encourage visitors to register and make an appointment on the easy to use website and registration form.


Using the company logo and color, Running Code designed a fresh and engaging new website for Mimoza. A large number of professional images and photos were embedded into the site as a visual aid in explaining their services (in English, Ukrainian and Russian languages). An easy-to-use registration form was designed so visitor can sign-up quickly.

Client benefits

The use of gentle, clean design, allows prospective customers to quickly understand what the company does and how to register. The simple and clear navigation bar, consistent on every page of the site, allows visitors to know exactly how to navigate and where to go for desired information. In addition, the ever-present contact information makes it easy for customers to call or email Mimoza staff for appointments immediately upon site entry.