The Challenge

Tetra  Consulting,  a  UK-based  Health  and  Safety consultancy,  sought an IT  services  firm to help them  build a robust,  scalable,  web-based  health and safety auditing, enterprise application.

Tetra needed an application that could quickly respond to new clients, as well as collaborate on as many as 60 concurrent active client projects.

Because each client project is unique and requires ongoing 3-way communication, Tetra also needed the application to share assessment data and in- formation among internal staff, consultants   and clients.

After several failed attempts with other outsourcing companies, Tetra met with Running Code for what was initially a one-off project.

The Solution

Running Code created a solution called “e-mapp,” a web-based system used by health and safety professionals, landlords and managing agents.

Key features

•   Hazard Management - recording and retrieval of comments and history.
•   Control, check and monitor compliance features.
•   Routine task management, planning and record keeping.
•   Monitor tasks across building managers, regions and landlords.
•   Document storage: data, links, documents across buildings and staff.
•   Management report: - by portfolios, buildings, regions and country-wide.
•   Outstanding tasks, hazards, type of statutory compliances.
•   Incidents and accidents reporting

Client Benefits

E-mapp has increased the business focus through use of online communication.  Reduced time and effort are needed to connect and communicate with colleagues, vendors and customers at the appropriate time and using the optimal communications method. The unified communication solution has also reduced the cost and need for separate communication tools.

The solution eliminated an overwhelming and burdensome amount of paper work by automating existing business processes.

Convinced by Running Code’s technical skill set and overall project management, coordinating with employees, vendors, and clients Tetra decided to outsource its entire IT needs to Running Code.