The Challenge

The Healix Group of Companies (Healix), a UK-based global insurance services company, approached Running Code with a complex list of requirements for both internal and customer-facing applications.

At the time, Healix outsourced their development to a UK-based local company. Unsatisfied with both the cost and skill set of their local team; Healix began to seek outsourcing opportunities elsewhere.

Like many companies, Healix wanted a qualified staff and flexibility in determining appropriate staffing levels. As outsourcing partners, Running Code brought to the table an extensive array of heavy duty technical capabilities and strong management skills.

Healix was in need of a high-performance, auto- mated case management application as their paper-based workflow was costly and inefficient.

Their existing system was difficult to maintain and did not enable doctors and nurses to make quick, correct decisions on how best to respond and treat each case.

A Two Module Solution

Running Code understood the need for a single, flexible system that supports various types of insurance plans from processing, policy issuance, administration and reporting.

To accompany Healix’s two main business divisions
at the  time  (Travel  and  Non-Travel  Health Services) the  application  would  need  to include two Modules.

Running Code set up a full-time team consisting of Project Manager, .Net Developers and Testers and a Technical Writer to develop a two-module, web- based case management application.

1. International Travel Insurance - Handles travel insurance cases.
2. Health Services - Handles local insurance (non-travel) policies.

International Travel Insurance Module

This easy-to-use, customizable module allows doctors and nurses to manage medical cases across the world, including emergency evacuation, repatriation, and worldwide travel assistance.

The versatile web-based application contains the following main features:

Contact & Country Database

Core to Healix’s  business  the  Contact  &  Country Database  houses  a complex  volume  of information on various levels - clients, providers, and hospitals worldwide, allowing users to locate a hospital, patients  or clinics anywhere  around  the world instantly.

Medical Desk

Designed to store large volumes of data, the Medical Desk allows Healix to share information among its staff, patients and insurance providers.

Heath Services Module

This module was developed for call centers, medical staff insurance agents and Managers that handle non-travel insurance schemes for policyholders and individuals.

The Health Services module supports the entire spectrum of insurance operations from policy issuance, administration, reporting, accounting, renewal correspondence, billing, and claims processing.

Policy Creation

One of Healix’s major requirements was to have the ability to create policies at will. In response, Running Code integrated a feature with ability to:

•   Define range of benefit entitlement, terms and conditions
•   Manage and update coverage types, coverage limits, premium, and excesses on a continuous basis.

Hospital/Doctor Database

The Health Services module has a large contact database with links to hospitals and clinics through- out the UK with which Healix can help customers locate the correct medical establishment, consultant or doctor based on necessary treatment, location and preferred price.

Health care Trust Schemes for Companies

This application allows Healix to set up health care trust policies for company clients and help support liaison activities with specialists who draft Trust Deeds. The main benefit includes centralized customer, claim and medical community information, which in turn reduces cost, workload and errors related to case management.

Client Benefits

•   Doctors/nurses are able to view meaningful data in real-time.
•   Empowers doctors/nurses to respond faster and make faster decisions.
•   Improved agents’ ability to make better decisions and more decisions.
•   Provides management with a tool to monitor current performance.