The Challenge

GoMobile was seeking a mobile content delivery system (MCDS) that would deliver high-quality, multi-media services, such as news, ring tones; video downloads and wallpapers from content providers and media sources. In addition, GoMobile needed a Content Management System (CMS) that would allow the company to effectively manage the mobile content quickly and easily, as well as monitor the content sales statistics.


Running Code developed a server suite that includes direct integration to the networks of mobile operators and their billing systems, mobile content management systems and customer-facing interfaces. The MCDS solution supports ordering of multiple content types, including video, ring-tones, Java games, MMS cards and wallpapers. MCDS delivers these content types directly to the users’ phone via their WAP push in-box or via a WAP link to download after purchase. A modular architecture allows the system to work with all mobile operators and simplifies the creation of additional components such as location-based services. Using the MCDS server suite as a foundation, any mobile service can be quickly and easily brought to market. The fault tolerant hi-throughput web services for processing customer requests are capable of handling millions of transactions per day. The MCDS suite consists of:

•   Content management systems for managing premium content to be provided to the consumers.
•   Support center for tracking and out sourced customer care.
•   Flexible web-based billing system.
•   Royalty management via web-based portal.
•   Delivery modules for providing paid for content to the consumer via WAP, MMS or WAP push inbox.
•   Delivery modules for providing content on a subscription basis.
•   Application interface for additional functionality such as:
    - SMS dating services.
    - Community services.
    - Interactive Television services

Client Benefit

Due to the service provider customizing to the needs of the end user, and in providing intellectual content, it helps to solidify and retain its existing customers and increase GoMobile's competitiveness.