The Challenge

The goals of the website redesign were to modernize their online presence and better promote their products using Flash. The client's website also required a Content Management System to manage the sites many aspects such as basic content, plus product images and specifications.


Based on the more retro-look of Illuminator’s existing site, Running Code applied a sleek, chrome and black industrial look to the user interface. Flash is used intermittently and where appropriate. Running Code also modified their Content Management System (CMS) to easily allow Illuminator to continuously update their product catalogue. Lastly, to avoid spammers, a CAPTCHA was installed to protect the field forms.

Client Benefits

The new website raises the company's profile and reinforces their credibility in the film equipment industry in Ukraine. The new features of the CMS will allow Illuminator to build and maintain profitable relationships with their customers, who can now rely on viewing in detail the latest in film equipment available.