The Challenge

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), in conjunction with American International Health Alliance (AIHA) is sponsoring a learning resource web-based application that will provide Russian doctors interactive workshops and educational materials on HIV/AIDS.

The program director wanted a website that would be used for students and teachers across Russia. The website would be a virtual campus where students could interact and communicate with each other and faculty.

The program also needed a Content Management System with the means to upload content by both teachers and students. The website wold he CMS would be designed to support daily learning using multimedia lectures, interactive case studies, downloadable documents and quizzes.

An online discussion forum would allow teachers and students to organize formal and informal community groups so they cold interact, collaborate and support each other, sharing their individual experiences as they progress through their studies.


Running Code designed a clean, no frills website that would Due to internal policies, the client needed to use an Open-Source solution. After thorough analysis of available open source CMS options, Running Code selected a CMS option that would allow system administrators to create and maintain class modules. They also had control over distribution of their learning materials. In addition, the CMS was customized to:

•   Manage the permissions of CMS users.
•   Allow staff with permission to upload or create learning objects to the program.
•   Allow staff with permission to deploy these learning objects within coherent, navigable.
•   Manage course development so that systems administrators and course and module leaders have a clear overview of how both modules and individual learning materials are progressing through identified stages.
•   Allow for the easy re-purposing of individuals’ learning materials and entire modules.

Client Benefits

•   Non-technical people across can independently create and produce online content, while maintaining the uniform look and feel of GSK's Virtual Campus.
•   Create and maintain ongoing relationships with student and faculty.
•   New workflow process helps keep program costs low and productivity high by minimizing the time and effort needed to create and manage online content.
•   Updated online content, improved organization and consistent design helps ensure students have quick and easy access to the information they need.