The Challenge

The non-profit organization, which promotes volunteer efforts to improve healthcare worldwide, needed a newly designed Web site for their WHO/AIDS Knowledge Hub that would serve as an information portal for diverse members of the healthcare community. In addition, they needed the website to reduce the amount of time and expense they wasted by having to mail or courier grant-related documents and reports.


Running Code created an innovative and interactive informational portal - a healthcare community for members of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The simple design of the Web site accommodates the extensive amount of information available, providing doctors, organization members, patients, donors and other prospects with quick and easy access to the latest industry news and features. Running Code developed a powerful search engine that allows for quick and simple queries into the Web site's database including:

•   Educational and reference documents, contacts, projects, bilingual glossary, events and conferences.
•   Regional information on HIV/AIDS prevalence and national policies.
•   Registry of current HIV/AIDS research and case reports.
•   Grant and fellowship opportunities.

Because real-time communication is important for AIHA, the Web site generates and sends e-mail messages through mailing lists, plus contact and reporting forms. Users can hold on-line discussions and receive automated alerts when new content has been added to the site.

Client Benefits

The Web site helps AIHA save time and materials. Web site users, including AIHA staff, are no longer burdened with piles of paper. In addition, the message board has given the organization visitors the ability to form a community and offers a place to communicate problems and find solutions.