About Us

Running Code was founded in 2001 by Mark Halaway, under the name Firejuice Development. Initially begun to provide basic programming support for an American Web Design Studio, the company quickly grew in size and sophistication. Renamed Running Code in 2007, the company focused its energies on building bespoke online applications which give clients distinct competitive advantage in their industries.

In the process, Running Code has developed competencies in business process analysis, graphical user interface optimization and enterprise applications, in industries such as insurance, banking and automotive. Most recently, Running Code has launched a Mobile Application development division.

Founder Mark Halaway passed away in January 2009, but his legacy continues at Running Code, in our commitment to providing the best quality solutions and to treating our clients' business as if it were our own.

We provide IT solutions to clients around the world and offer bespoke services to clients wanting control over their case management, travel and risk provision solutions. We have built our reputation on IT expertise, our service excellence and product innovation.

Company Goals:

  • Ensure a communicative and transparent environment where all stakeholders are aware of every aspect of the project;

  • Collaborate with customers to help them identify inefficiencies and offer solid solutions to help reduce operating costs;

  • Building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, commitment and project success;

  • Provide long-term solutions that recognize the way businesses grow;

  • Offer "outside the box" results for complex problems;

  • Promote customer businesses online and increase their sales and service potential;

  • Give our staff a fun, positive working environment, professional growth and career development;

  • Offering flexible business engagements for companies who are seeking long-term gains in industry expertise, technology expertise, and the freedom to focus on their core business needs;


Every day the technology is changing, new inventions and knowledge are developing and we try to keep up and grow with it.

  • Servers & Cloud, SaaS & PaaS
    Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google FireBase, Azure Functions

  • Back End
    .Net Framework, .NET Core, C#

  • Mobile
    Android Native, iOS Native

  • Tools
    Microsoft Visual Studio, TestRail, JIRA, GitLab, Selenium, Appium

  • Storage engines and databases
    Microsoft SQL, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB

  • Front End
    JQuery, JQuery UI, Angular, Bootstrap

  • QA, testing
    Manual, Automatic (Unit, UI, Integration)

  • Continuous Integration
    CI/CD Azure

Job Opportunities

Our success depends on the knowledge, skills, creativity and the can-do spirit of our employees.

Quality Assurance Engineer
  • At least two years of experience as a Software Tester
  • Knowledge of SDLC process
  • Experience with Bug Tracking Systems
  • Experience with WEB and Windows desktop applications testing
  • Knowledge of automated testing approaches and technologies
  • Experience with automated testing tools
  • Basic programming experience
  • Basic knowledge of SQL, experience on writing SQL queries
  • Mobile testing
  • Good level of written and spoken English

Please submit your CV in English to

.NET Developer
  • 2+ years of experience with .NET platform
  • Strong knowledge of C#
  • Strong knowledge of WinForms (knowledge of WPF)
  • Good knowledge of ASP.NET (knowledge of MVC architecture and LINQ is a plus)
  • Good knowledge of SQL (SQL Server 2016/2019)
  • Knowledge of LINQ/WCF/MS Tests

Please submit your CV in English to

Web Developer
  • 2+ years of experience with .NET platform
  • Strong knowledge of C#
  • Good knowledge of ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core
  • Good knowledge of Angular
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Good knowledge of CSS / SCSS
  • Good knowledge of SQL (SQL Server 2016/2019)
  • Knowledge of Entity Framework/LINQ/WCF/MS Tests
  • Knowledge of work with CMS like Ubmraco, OrchardCMS etc

Please submit your CV in English to




Please feel free to contact us at any time in case of any question or concern.